It came rumbling and rushing
Like a sudden flash. A loud blast
Everyone was caught aback
Terrified, confused. Helplessly trembling
Save for a sect. No fears!

It was quick and abrupt
The clouds swiftly rent into two. Zaam!
And gave way to the starry sight
Who could have imagined. A lamb slain; dripping
Seated on the throne with a lion’s face. No smiles.

There were beings on white everywhere
Energetic. Frantic in motion. With a sickle
Swiftly reaping the harvest in seconds. Viam! Saam!
There was no room for pleas or explanations
You’re either ripe or not; ready or left. No time.

People were running helter shelter. Outbursts of bitter regrets
Alarmed hearts, fearfully panting and aching. Kpum! Kuum!
Wishing and praying it was not true. Nowhere to hide
Reality dawned on them – it was now too late
And they couldn’t roll back the time. No more mercy

Screams and shoutings. Heaviness and hisses
Loved ones vanished. Passengers missed. Fiam! They’re gone
Others were left behind. They could now tell why
Their lives flashed on screens of silver revealing
Secret sins, hidden compromises, dirty garments. No one hidden

They stood face to face with eternity – not just preaching
It was no more news; no more excuse. And you can’t refuse
The tears and commotions. Shocking disappearances
Here and there. Shakings and quakings. Tiim! Zriie!
“Work on earth is now suspended as the King comes through the gate”

Then I woke suddenly, frightened and fidgeting
On my knees I fell, shedding tears of terror
Gratitude oozed lavishly, calmness rained and reigned
It was only a dream, I gently sobbed and realized
But it was so real, my heart yet heavy. Impassioned
It won’t take long before all eyes shall see him. Too soon!

JAN 2019

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Tell me it can’t just be done
I’ll by God’s help get it all done
And loudly defy your airy doubts
Gladly parading the shinning results

Tell me it can’t be gotten
I’ll ask questions you’ve forgotten
And seek help and counsel from those ahead
Boldly taking the giant steps not being afraid

Tell me it can’t be achieved
I’ll simply suggest you’ve been deceived
When you truly set your heart and mind
To it, every fear and obstacle you won’t mind

Tell me you don’t know how to get it
I’ll point you to your brain that is so fit
To search and stretch. When you turn on it switch
Ideas and strategies come rolling without a stitch

Tell me you’re too weak and tired
I’ll reveal to you the poverty you’ve hired
Caged in the metal walls of your comfort zone
Dumped in the pool of confusion, even with your phone

Tell me you’ve had enough
I’ll have all your tears blown off
Abraham Lincoln will relay his other credentials
So you’ll realize you’ve even more potentials

Tell me how long and hard you’ve tried
I’ll show you how hard you’re originally wired
If only you’ll resolve to gun your powdered guts
It will surely appear you have no blaring buts

Tell me it’s too late to change
I’ll remind you you’re long of age
To acquire knowledge and chart your course
For everything in the world all have a cause

Tell me you’re done giving excuse
Tell me you’ll no longer gonna confuse
Wishing for working, impossible for difficult
That you’ll give it all it takes to get to success-court

Just tell me now you’re good to go
And you’ll see how far you can go
When you realize you’re your only limitation
You’ll brace yourself up and defy every hesitation

JAN 2019

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When I look at my life
And consider your grace so lavish
I fear and tremble for life
Life without your breath would vanish

When I look at my days
And remember your mercies so excess
I quake and tremor for days
Days without your hand would recess

When I look at my health
And recall your healing so plenty
I shake and fidget for health
Health without your heat would empty

When I look at my seasons
And recall your love so bounteous
I weep and wail without reasons
Reasons with meanings so plenteous

When I delve into my making
And ponder your craft so clever
I fumble and rumble for making
Making you finished without a lever

When I remember my pre-natal trappings
And weigh the size of its releasing spirit
I’m dazed and dazzled with dieless shakings
Shakings that confirm the strength of your holy Spirit

I turn to the sides of the north
And perceive heaven’s unfolding splendour
I’m rumpled and crippled to the south
South with sites of prevailing grandeur

At the mouth of heaven’s crystal gate
I behold the might of your glittering breath
And measure the weight of earth’s fate
I see the breadth of your wisdom without length

I wonder what you put in creation
That make the universe that automated
Sights and sounds, heights and depths without mention
All resound the beauty of the One not created

So I cannot but fear and tremble
And wonder the power of your every word
That caused the whole world to assemble
Assemble at the instant of your very Word

Who can fathom a tint of your boundless wisdom?
Who can tell the frame of your endless being?
Who can guess the immensity of your Spirit’s tendon
I still fear and tremble in my ticking being

JAN 2019

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There’s hope for a tree
Though it be cut down with tears
Though the root thereof wax old
And the stock thereof die in the ground
It shall sprout again and yet blossom
It shall yet house the hungry birds of the air

There’s hope for a flower
Though its leaves weather and wane
Though its scents evaporate or turn sour
And its comeliness lost to the scorching sun
It shall smile again and yet blossom
It shall yet win the heart of every retina

There’s hope for a stream
Though its waters dry out flat
Though its banks grow thirsty in lack
And its companions forsake her soothing solace
It shall flow again in freshness and overflow
It shall yet harbour flashing fishes great and small

There’s hope for a bird
Though its feathers break or fall
Though its eyes grow weak in dimness
And it’s caught in the fowler’s envious snare
It shall chirrup again and sing in the azure sky
It shall yet lead valiant troops in triumphant swoops

There’s hope for the moon
Though the sun shines boisterously bright
Though it blazes and dazzles in clean radiance
And labours all day, winning the trust of all men
It shall surely give way for the mild moon
It shall yet recover his glory in the night watches

There’s hope for the morning
Though the darkness still looms and lingers
Though the night creatures patrol and stroll
And the watchers grow weary in waiting
Yet it’ll not prevent the delayed dawning light
It shall not withhold the shinning rays of cockcrow

There’s hope for a finger
Though the sharp kitchen blade bruises
Though it cries out blood like a running nose
And is forgotten in the dry bandage of hurt
Still it shall grow again and yet glitter
It shall yet handle the Christmas meat

There’s hope for a farmer
Though he rises early and returns weary
Though the crops sag and tilt without a teeth
And the jealous weeds parade in scorn and contempt
Yet the harvest shall not be wasted or lost
It shall bring great sheaves with rejoicing yet

There’s hope for Samson’s hairs
Though Delilah hand ravages in deception
Though he fell to compromise and lust
And the heathen armies defy and taunt
Yet shall the locks gather again in seven
It shall yet slay the enemies reproaching

And there’s hope for you and me
Though our near comrades run and fly
Though the tide seem not on our side
And our weather look so deem and dull
Yet shall our season of rising shortly appear
When we shall sing our own song of triumph

JAN 2019

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I could dissolve mysteries and myths
Reach the deep blue sky in my mind
Analyze and criticize with smiling precision
Till I was enticed, trapped, imprisoned and shaven
Shaven by the cutting edges of my glistering ego

I could refute arguments and aphorisms
Penetrate the fountain of their deep foundings
Rip their supporting logic and defy its propositions
Till I was enticed, trapped, imprisoned and shaven
Shaven by the sharp blades of my rumpled pride

I could understand lessons and theories
Easily relate with their slicing concepts and terms
Assimilate them till I can freely teach and raise doubts
Till I was enticed, trapped, imprisoned and shaven
Shaven by the nasty niddles of subtle manipulation

I could instruct and teach about anything
Just by simply opening and meeting it firsthand
Without rehearsal I could there rise and shine
Till I was enticed, trapped, imprisoned and shaven
Shaven by the dirty claws of slippery presumptuousness

I could speak very smooth and sweet
Dazzle with unrehearsed fine eloquence
Dance with chiselled words that smear the ears
Till I was enticed, trapped, imprisoned and shaven
Shaven by the angry fangs of reluctance and compromise

I just could write and roll laden letters
Very letters that catch the eyes and touch the heart
Soothing lines that cause reason to nod and smile
Till I was enticed, trapped, imprisoned and shaven
Shaven by the ripple teethers of arrogated prowess

I could deeply inspire and strongly motivate
Calmly dispel fears and doubts without any dints
Awaken the sleeping giant and untie the hungry lions
Till I was enticed, trapped, imprisoned and shaven
Shaven by the tiny thistles that ever seek to impress

Then I was forced into the abyss of bottomless frustration
Labouring and labouring without a tiny ray
I’d struggle and snarl just to pass a tiny test
Run and burn hours only to catch a wingless fly
Then it dawned on me that I was big trash, left alone

Man is frail and feeble without the help-full hand of God
Knowledge is lame and limping without the breeze of grace
Hard work is sick and senile without that divine veto
Passion is empty and dry without the grease of faith
Success is invisible and inert without the Spirit’s key

So I turned to the tree of life and death
Shifted to the mouth of heaven’s titanic gate
Reached the side of the slain smiling Lamb
Found the One who wields the key of EVERYTHING
And at his blazing feet I fell ever prostrate. Panting

There I hold Him tight, helplessly bound
There I kneel till I feel the heat of his vital breath
Yearn and yield to his hand-twisting of my soul
Till my bald head begin again to send forth crystal pores
Pores that now herald the quiet returning of my shaven locks

JAN 2019

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I was pristine and pure
Gentle and genuine
Till obsession for success lured
Me to twirl and whirl

I was simple and straight
Polite and pious
Till obsession for success lured
Me to fake and feign

I was patient and peaceful
Calm and ‘christian’
Till obsession for success lured
Me to meander and manoeuvre

I was inexperienced and innocent
Young and yearning
Till obsession for success lured
Me to madly compete and compare

I was humble and humane
Reserved and relegated
Till obsession for success lured
Me to subtly bask and boast

Till I became overwhelmed by me
Till in my head I exalted myself above
Measure; and took it for granted that
It was only a privilege, and never a right

In the shaky scary heights of excellence
At the tiny peak of shinning greatness
I got me mashed by my merry marvels
Corrupted by the sharp ends of the laurels

In the depths of my meagre accomplishments
At the screams of the proceeding applause
By the streams of the euphoria that gushed
I was polluted to the navel; infections rushed

Tempted into thinking I was too good
I was infested; a false estimation of self
With bloated ego and protruded self confidence,
So I could put anyone down with biting arrogance

Porously puffed up in parting pride
Impregnated with calculated cunningness
In my self-conceit I was dragged to the cliff
And in successions I fell, even without a leaf

Sophisticated in the splendour of divine opulence
Dangling with the bounties of undeserved endowments
Intellectually crested with comely fragrance of light
I was secretly tainted at the sight of that dazzling site

Now! I’ve been banished from the starry realms
Exiled from the corridors of startling distinction
Imprisoned in the pool of pulsating confusion
In my self-exaltation I was marred to delusion…

But He was so merciful, His grace very plentiful
Gently pulling the hinges of correction, He deflated
My sagging boldness, emptied the gutters of compliments
Benignly accosting; with terrible encounters of abasements

Now I’m so crushed and weary of every life
Knowing how empty I am without His hand
And that whatever we’ve become or achieved
All of them we didn’t merit but simply received


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Just a tip and he sold his Saviour
Just a tip and he lost his savour
He was greedy for every gain
So he left even without any grain

Just a tip and he sold his master
Just a tip and his eyes ran faster
His heart was stained with envy
Even though his purse so heavy

Just a tip and he lost his precious place
Just a tip and he cut his sacred lace
His exalted position was left vacant
When in his heart he grew so adamant

Just a tip and it became a big matter
Just a tip and he’d no longer matter
Heaven’s assignment wouldn’t tolerate
Any compromise from even a prelate

Just a tip and he fell face flat
Just a tip and he lost all fat
Now he’s empty, as light as chaff
Any demon could harass, without a staff

Just a tip and he lost his soul
Just a tip and there was a hole
And he fell from a height so exalted
Into hell where he’ll remain tormented

Just a tip and he could’ve been set free
Just a tip and he would’ve dodged the tree
But he knew it’d cost him his glory-crown
The Father would turn his back with a frown

Just a tip and Felix would’ve let him go
Just a tip and his bounds would also go
But he understood it wasn’t the kingdom way
Though it appeared so appealing and good a ray

Lord Jesus chose the way of thorns
Apostle Paul chose to carry his cross
They both knew the enemy’s trick:
“Just a tip, and you’ll begin to leak”

Yet we’re so eager to give all excuse
Heaven’s simple way we stubbornly refuse
“Just a tip” – it still sounds so light
Till it drowns in us His saving light

Just a tip and you’ll lose your lip
Just a tip and your mouth it’ll zip
Conscience will cry to no avail
Trust and justice remain in veil

Just a tip and you’ll heap up errors
Just a tip and you’ll only fan eros
Though it looks all good at first
Yet it shall burn your every best

Just a tip and you’ll heap up coals
Just a tip and you’ll abort your goals
Coals that burn up destiny to tragedy
Goals that’d have bought the remedy

Keep your tip, and hold your hip
For what you sow you’ll also reap
Soon we’ll all be at his judgment hall
At the Lamb’s holy feet we’ll all fall


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