Author, poet, philosopher, life mentor, web blogger, motivational speaker, and academic coach; Chizi is a multi-talented, and a highly exceptional, dexterous instructor! He combines motivation with his rare natural endowments to produce a strong influence on those he comes across.
Though the tenth and the last child of his parents; Chizi has shown unequalled intellectual sagacity and excellence since childhood, graduating as the undaunted best student in his primary school. As an early indicator of his envious literary prowess; in 2010, he bagged the prestigious and honorary prize as the best graduating student in Literature-in-English from the Old Boys Association of Government Secondary School Owerri – his alma mater.
Chizi is an ardent preacher of success and academic excellence. He never stops to elicit the right mental attitude needed for transformation from his active audience. This has made him a rare commodity, highly sought after by students, teachers, proprietors and notable academicians.
As a public speaker, Chizi has an unusual teaching technique that makes his coaching sessions magnetic, electrifying and action-provoking. He’s a budding poet with unusual poetic inspiration that springs like the oceans. He has written over 40 outstanding poems and has published only but a few. Chizi is a vigorous and prolific writer. He has written outstanding essays and articles, infested with his unique and original style that cannot but mesmerize the reader.
He is a reading addict who will hardly allow anyone around him to read more than he does or know more than he knows. He is a voracious reader and sees books as ‘ice cream’. Coupled with his importunate nature and his flare for greatness and excellence in the academic sphere, Chizi has remained intellectually invincible!
Chizi is dangerously endowed with uncommon teaching skills and potentials that set him aside as an outstanding instructor and counselor. He has taught so many secondary school students and undergraduates during extra mural lessons and during his strategic tutorial sessions. He’s a passionate motivator and he’s highly skilled in public speaking.
He specializes in peak motivation and personality development, employing his charismatic lifestyle as a major tool.
Having been in the speaking industry for over two years now, Chizi is gradually paving his way to the top of his career as one of Nigeria’s greatest coaches in the academic sector.
Chizi Daniels is a seasoned Academic Coach with rare natural endowments. He has long been transforming the lives of students who yearn for academic excellence through his insightful coaching program. With resounding academic testimonies from his personal academic life and those of his clients after his coaching, he has remained a persistent enigma, admired by all in the industry.
Fascinatingly, he has a unique student-relationship which stops at nothing till the genius is unleashed. As young as he may look, he has raised so many academic geniuses and high-flying students in the tertiary institutions and secondary schools.
Reputed as an authority in academic excellence, his motivational and all-time success book: UNLEASHING THE GENIUS INSIDE; is a masterpiece, written out of his wealth of experience in the field of academics.
Chizi Daniels is also an academic consultant and speaks in most institutions of learning within and outside his locality. He’s a regular visitor to secondary schools. Enormous students have had their academic lives transformed through his coaching campaigns. He has also raised so many students to an unimaginable height of academic greatness, as they faithfully follow his coaching program. He has spoken to thousands of students in Nigeria, bringing transformation to the hopeless. He’s a specialist in making students become geniuses!
Celebrated as the overall best student, he has proved himself beyond doubt that ‘nemo dat quod non habet’ – ‘no one gives what he does not have’. He is also the Chief strategist/CEO,
*Academic Coaching Concepts Inc.*; an organization whose mission is to orchestrate a 21ST CENTURY ACADEMIC REVOLUTION! He has the vision of *bringing total academic transformation, eradicating failure and boosting the students’ zeal
for excellence through strategic
coaching and motivation*.
It won’t be too long before he breaks geographical boarders to affect lives outside Nigeria!
You could be the next…

Do you want to consult him, order for copies of his amazing academic success book, invite him to speak in your event or have him run coaching programs for your ward(s) or school(s); then send him an e-mail to: or call: 2347035290445


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