Writing this article has been a great burden in my heart. For weeks now, I have waited patiently on the Lord to grant me a unique revelation about the power of focus. With this in mind, I have not failed to brood over the topic every now and then, till the issue reveberated over my whole being. Few days ago came the unveiling and I am so pleased to share with you: *The Undeniable Power of Focus*!

The Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary, 7th edition, defines focus as “the thing or person that people are most interested in; the act of paying attention to something and making people interested in it”. From the above definition, it is explicit that focus is something that is of utmost interest, and catches the whole attention of the person involved. Focus is a thing of the mind; it is about your whole being and life in general.
From my subjective standpoint, I choose to conjecture focus as that on which we fix our mind and total being on. It is that which steals your greatest time and attention. So whatever gets your maximum attention is your focus. It could be money, your work, your health, a relationship, God etc.

I strongly believe that focus has a guiding principle and it is this: what you focus on is what eventually comes back to you. Put in another way, it states that what you are experiencing now is what you had earlier focused on, knowingly or unknowningly. Focus has an undeniable reverse-effect! This eternal law of focus is clearly revealed in the great Book. If Jacob could make even cattle to reproduce what they focus on, then you have no excuse other than replicating what you had been focusing on [see Gen 30:37-42]. Did you get that? It means that what you have or where you are now is exactly what you had been focusing on consciously or unconsciously. It is a matter of give-and-take. I sincerely pray that God opens your eyes to this divine truth!
Even the great apostle Paul confirms this selfsame truth. He gives us the secret of all his exploits in just a single verse: No, dear brothers and sisters, I am still not all I should be, but I am FOCUSING all my energies on this one thing…[Phil 3:13, NLT] It has not stopped working; what you focus on, you will surely become, and what you are now is what you had been focusing on some time ago. Focus is like a MIRROR and your life is the reflection of that mirror.

Can I astonish you a bit? No one ever lives without focus! Everyone is always focusing on something per time. At every point, your mind is always focusing on something. What you focus on is what you attract. Focus is like a seed; you sow it and it comes back to you after it is fully grown. I’ll say it again and again: it has an undeniable reverse-effect. Focus is more of mentality than physicality. Like success or failure, focus is a thing of the mindset; a mental affair.
It is what you behold often that you become. Focus says: “what you have now is simply what you gave me”. For this reason, no one can claim that he or she does not focus on something, just as no one can claim that he or she is not ‘sowing’. Your present status will give you a clue to what you have been focusing on. Let’s give it a try? Now, although everyone focuses on something, not every student is focused! It is possible for a student to focus on other things outside his studies. When this happens, he is still focused but not a focused student. What then does it mean to be a focused student? Point-blank, it is simply to find out what makes you a student and focus [pay attention to] on it. As an Academic Coach and a seasoned instructor, I have written severally on the concept of the student and I think I am fairly at home with the topic. Now listen: what makes you a student is that study. You are a student ‘majorly’ because you study. Aside from studying, you are not a student. So to be a focused student is to study and also do other things students are engaged into. But to do other things without studying is to be an unfocused student.
Now judge for yourself: are you a focused student or not? [I would love you to please take some time and think about yourself before we conclude this matter.]

The concept of focus is best explained using the idea of aim. In the long run, people usually tend to hit what they have been aiming at. This explains why you are still failing – you have been aiming at failure by not studying, and being lazy. You will ask me how? The answer is this: the key of focus is CONSISTENCY. If you do it today and tomorrow and forget it for the next few weeks, then it is not focus! Focus is not easily distracted or carried away by ‘shadows’. It is unwavering, unflinching, dogged, unswerving, firm and untiring. Focus is the answer to whatever you want to achieve in life! Like aim, focus must be steady until success is achieved. The good news is that it is all in your power to do it! Only you can determine whether or not you will be a focused student. I have already decided to be one! Why not decide today to become a focused student?

P.S : Yours sincerely could be of immense help to you! You can learn more about my coaching program by visiting “MY SERVICES” page or write to me directly through my e-mail. I’ll be waiting for the permission to unleash your genius!

Kindly drop your comment in the comment box below and let’s hear what you have to say about this issue. Until the next time…

Yours truly motivational,
The Academic Coach.


About Chizi Daniels

Best known for UNLEASHING geniuses, Chizi is fast becoming a wonder in the academic world. He is a coach and an academic consultant, reputed for his exploits in the intellectual world. He enjoys reading and writing, and over and above all, SPEAKING! Having raised and mentored excellent and outstanding students, his works now speak explicitly for him... To read his full profile, click on the PROFILE page in the 'menu' at the top.
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3 Responses to **THE POWER OF FOCUS**

  1. Franklin Chigozie Odika says:

    True bro, I am just kind of thoughtful towards myself, I think the major thing is for one to focus more on himself and what the future holds. I’m just speechless here sir!
    But what I want to ask is this: if one wants to be really focused but the challenges from the family, the enviroment, family background are kind of being of a disadvantage to the person, how do one get them eradicated and remain 100% focused, cos this has really been disturbing me?

  2. I appreciate your encouraging remarks my dear. It’s my pleasure…
    About your question, I’ll simply remind you of Abraham Lincoln’s immortal words. He said: YOUR RESOLUTION TO SUCCEED IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANY ONE THING! I think it’s true about you too. From my article, focus requires consistency and unswerving concentration, and these are very much attainable by any determined mind. My counsel is this: be consistent on what you want to achieve in life and give it utmost concentration! That’s what it means to focus. Do not allow any other distraction to dissuade you. Just stay put. Persist! Like I said before: PERSISTENCE WILL ALWAYS WEAR OUT RESISTANCE! That’s my personal principle and it will surely work for you too. Just press on. I can help you work it out practically through pragmatic coaching and motivation. I will recommend my other article **EXTREME MOTIVATION**. Try and read it also. It will do wonders!
    See you at the top soon…

  3. Franklin Chigozie Odika says:

    Thanks bro! That will be when the school resumes.
    Yours sincerely,
    Academic student.

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