Decision is one’s ability to come to a final resolution on a particular issue. It is to settle in your mind on what to do about something. Decision is made possible because of the power of choice (this means to pick out from two or more options the suitable option). Your decision can make or mar you! It is the ultimate determinant of your overall personality.
God, despite his good and wonderful plans for us, never forces us to do anything against our will. He respects the faculty of will in us which is responsible for decision making. Hence, decision is our ability to choose between alternative courses of action and be held responsible for it. All that God can do for man is to expose him to choices and suggest to him which one will be most favourable for him; He will never violate man’s priority and choice!
One’s decision is a clear evidence of his value system. Your values determine the kind of decision you make. Every decision is influenced by one’s values. You decide to go to school and not to stay at home because of the value you place on knowledge and personal development. Decision is an essential feature of your destiny because your decision determines your destiny.
Your change in life may never come until after a strong and purposeful decision. No one ever remains the same after making a decision. As a matter of fact, two things happen after every decision:
1. You stop doing certain things.
2. You start doing certain new things.
Your decision affects your overall actions and inactions and in turn stirs your life to the destination commensurate to each decision. If your desire is to be great in life and achieve success, then it is simply a product of a decision. It will require you to take that kind of decision that will transform your life and destiny, and set out with fresh new actions that will actualise it. Whatever you want to achieve in life will demand that you first determine the things you’ll have to stop doing and the ones you’ll
need to start doing to take you to your desired goal.
Nothing will ever happen in life without a decision. Decision is so powerful that no one can ever live without it. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re all making decisions daily. That you’re reading this article is the product of a decision. Decision is an internal resolution in everyone’s mind. To prove that no one ever lives without making decisions, I’ve figured out three types of decisions.

*ACTIVE DECISION: This is the kind of decision that requires immediate action. It is the decision to-do a thing purposively. For instance: Greg decides to jump from the cliff.

*PASSIVE DECISION: This is the opposite of active decision. It is characterised by inaction. It is the decision not-to-do a particular thing with purpose. This is when you decide you will not take action over a particular issue. Like when someone decides to stay mute in a conversation.

*IN-DECISION: This is when you unconsciously decide-not-to-decide over an issue. It is a purposeless, ‘indifferent’ decision to stay undecided on a matter. Like passive decision, it is inactive; unlike passive decision, it is purposeless, irresolute, indefinite, indifferent and uncertain. It is when decision is unsolicited and unused! Like when you don’t decide over what controls your feelings and emotions.
Both passive decision and in-decision are colleagues – they take you no where! This means that deciding to-do-nothing and not-to-decide are all decisions. But they’re negative decisions! If it doesn’t involve you taking positive and immediate action(s), then check it again. Now a greater percentage of people fall under the second and third category. They either decide to-do-nothing or decide not-to-decide about success. For this, they sign up for inevitable failure!
The fact is that you may never amount to anything in life outside what you decide. It is your decision that determines your destination. Life will never give you what you deserve but what you decide! Your decision determines your actions and inactions! It defines you and leaves you a better or worse person. It structures your life principles and orders your habitual deeds. What have you decided about your life? Decision is the pathway to success and greatness!
To be able to appreciate the dynamics of decision making, take a good look at the verb ‘decide’. To decide means:
D = Define the problem.
E = Explore the alternatives.
C = Consider the consequences.
I = Identify your value(s).
D = Decide and act immediately!
E = Evaluate the outcome.

Yes! You will have to define the nature of the problem. Be specific. Don’t exaggerate or speculate. Then explore the alternatives. What’re the options? Be sure to get the most minutest detail. What and what are involved? What is at stake? Next you’ll have to consider the consequences. What is it gonna cost? Carefully weigh the effect of each option. Consider its short-term and long-term outcome(s). Then identify your values. What is it that is driving you to pick that option? Does it even worth the while? Why would you not choose the other option? [Take some time and think about this]. Once you’ve figured this out, act immediately! Without action, decision is a mere wish. I dare to say again: act immediately. Don’t delay. Finally, evaluate the outcome and learn your lessons. You can always learn and make better decisions. But you must begin!

Anthony Robbins said: “It is your decisions, and not your conditions, that determine your destiny”.
The next time you will be tempted to blame others for your condition, always remember that it is your decision and not your conditions that determines your destiny. You might have a wonderful destiny but once you make the wrong decision, it will change your destination and eventually alter your destiny.
Again, decision is inert, lame, inactive, passive and sterile without actions. Without actions and inactions decision dissolves into ‘mere wishes’. Every decision must then be activated by actions. Dear friend, your decision regarding that business or school work will continue to be elusive until it is strongly acted upon. It is not just enough to make a decision, it must be further translated into actions and inactions. Thus, actions and inactions are the ignition of every decision. Without this activation, decision is no decision!
Because life will never give you what you deserve but what you decide, where you are now is where you decided to be – take it or leave it. This is because after you make a decision, your decision turns back to make you or mar you. So, you’re the product of your decision! But here’s the good news: no decision is final! You can learn from me today and change the course of your life by making that other decision that will leave you totally transformed.
Why not wake up and take what belongs to you by making the right decisions? You’re just a decision away…

Do you think I’ve said something strange or untrue? Do you have some disagreements to tender? Let’s have your view in the comment box below…

Yours truly motivational,
The Academic Coach.


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1 Response to **DECISION IS DESTINY**

  1. Christian Jachimma says:

    Sure words Sir. Just learnt that life ain’t going to give you what you deserve but what you decide, and I am where I am now because of my decisions and indecisions. God bless you Daddy.

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