8. They start ahead of time to prepare. They prepare today for their tomorrow.

Geniuses imbibe the secret principle of preparation. They understand clearly that success comes when opportunity meets with preparation. Whenever you get yourself prepared for any task, you will always confront it with great confidence and determination. That exam or test is the opportunity you need to prove yourself to the world that you’re a genius. But you must get yourself prepared for it. The preparation will require you to study consistently and research where and when necessary.
As Confucius the ancient Chinese sage would say: “success depends on previous preparations, and without such preparations there is sure to be failure.” Preparation is one great secret to success that will forever remain valid. The amount of preparation you give to yourself will determine the level of your success. Jesus took 30yrs to prepare for a ministry of 3yrs and half. That’s why he never recorded any failure! The early christians in Acts chapter two prayed for ten days, after that, only a few-minutes-talk from Peter was what was needed to convert more than 3000 souls in a day! Great success responds to great preparation. How far you can go in your preparation will dictate the level of success you will experience!
Watch it, the students who make the best results are usually those who cultivate the habit of early preparation. They start studying once the semester starts. Get this straight into your head: the ring is not a place for preparation, it is where champions are identified; it’s not a place for rehearsals! You don’t prepare in the exam hall or a day to it. Preparation requires time and effort to be effected. It is done in the secret (when other students are not watching). It should start once you’ve figured out your objective, say first class or ‘A’ grade.
Why some of you are still performing poorly is because your course is one that requires detailed and elaborate knowledge to excel in it. Unfortunately, you won’t get such knowledge by ‘get-crashing’ your books two weeks to exams. Such knowledge doesn’t come in a
gaucherie! Maybe what you need to become self sufficient in that course is to start studying ahead of time.
There’s no way you’ll begin studying on time before others and not out-smart them in your tests and exams. How far have you gone in preparing yourself for your tomorrow? Tomorrow belongs to only those who prepare for it today! To prepare is to pre- plan, to get ready before it happens. How ready are you for your success?
Experience has shown that success is less dependent on your ability than on your zeal. You don’t need to be the sharpest or the most
brilliant student in class, or the most attentive or retentive to become a genius! What you sure need is an undying zeal for excellence. Like I will always say: trying and determination can do anything in the world! Someone said: I know I was going to take the wrong road, that was why I set out on time. The fool will always do at last what the wise man will do at once! The best way to predict what the future will look like is to simply create it in the way you live now. Now is the time to activate that greatness in the inside by starting ahead of time to prepare for it. Why not set out now?

Yours truly motivational,
The Academic Coach.


About Chizi Daniels

Best known for UNLEASHING geniuses, Chizi is fast becoming a wonder in the academic world. He is a coach and an academic consultant, reputed for his exploits in the intellectual world. He enjoys reading and writing, and over and above all, SPEAKING! Having raised and mentored excellent and outstanding students, his works now speak explicitly for him... To read his full profile, click on the PROFILE page in the 'menu' at the top.
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