1. They read extensively: they want to read all the time. They are “reading addicts”. They make reading their hobby.

Do you have this habit? When was the last time you read extensively (did your job) as a student? It’s time to do your job as a student! The primary job of the student is to study, know his course content and make good grades, all others are secondary.
Excellence in the academic world belongs to those who cultivate the habit of reading extensively. Be frank, who are the best students in your class? What and what can you say about them?
I’ll continue to say this: Academic excellence is simply a decision, anyone can make it! Geniuses are simply those students who’ve read to the point they’ve become addicted to reading. Success comes out of repeated efforts! What and what can you give up just to read? Until you can give up something tangible just to read, you are yet to become a true student! You must consciously set out time for reading or surrender to self-inflicted ignorance! The reading is not one you do today and next, after two weeks. No! It has to be a repeated exercise. Has reading become a daily routine in your life as a student? Check again, why do you think those bright students in your class don’t play with their time? It’s as if they’re always serious and have no time for unnecessary things. This because they know the amount of time they’ll invest in reading each day! If you can read anyhow, you can know anything! What you know know yet is what you chose not to know by not reading it through. If you read again and again, no matter how difficult the subject may be, you can know it thoroughly.
Ben Carson once wrote in “Think Big” – “Most days I read from six in the morning until eleven at night, using all the texts and related materials I had available”. This was approximately 17hours of study! Little wonder, later on, he graduated with an amazing but intimidating result. He quickly climbed the ladder of his career as a medical doctor and later led the team, that for the first time, separated a siamese twins! Today, he’s a veteran in neurosurgery and one of, if not the best medical doctor in the world. He was once a dullard as a young student but didn’t allow himself to be there forever. His secret is reading, reading and reading! In fact, research has proven succintly that students who excel academically are those who study extensively.
Take it or you leave it, those who read will always lead! If you want to lead your class from now, I think you should know what to do by now…


About Chizi Daniels

Best known for UNLEASHING geniuses, Chizi is fast becoming a wonder in the academic world. He is a coach and an academic consultant, reputed for his exploits in the intellectual world. He enjoys reading and writing, and over and above all, SPEAKING! Having raised and mentored excellent and outstanding students, his works now speak explicitly for him... To read his full profile, click on the PROFILE page in the 'menu' at the top.
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