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Here, we intend to revamp and revitalize Nigeria’s educational sector beginning with students! It is our belief that if only we can affect students positively, their entire outlook towards academics will
tremendously improve, thus paving way for the first ever 21ST CENTURY ACADEMIC REVOLUTION!

We also believe tenaciously, that if the student is properly educated on the rudiments of studentship and is able to imbibe the principles and instructions we enunciate, examination mal-practice will be effectively curbed and thereafter, rendered unattractive!

We hold dearly to the assertion that “every student has a latent genius hidden in the inside”, and hope to unleash that genius by helping the student discover his true academic identity. This will in turn ignite the zeal to unleash the genius in the inside!

At Academic Coaching Concepts Inc., our vision is *bringing total academic transformation, eradicating failure and
revitalizing the students’ zeal for excellence through strategic coaching and motivation.*

We’re committed to helping you define your academic goals and ambitions; refine your latent potentials and abilities; confine you to the path of determination and hardwork; and eventually assign you an enviable academic status and guarantee your place in destiny!


*Are you tired of reading without positive results?

*Have friends and even family members ridiculed you cos of academic challenges?

*Has your academic life become a torn on your flesh owing to failures?

*Has frustration taken over your academic zeal?

*Do you find problems reading and assimilating what you read?

*Do you need motivation and inspiration to stir up your academic spirit?

*Do you desperately need help in your studies and want to be the best academically?

*Do you want to become an academic genius?

Don’t think too far: THE ANSWER IS HERE!

At ACADEMIC COACHING CONCEPTS INC., we have the answer to your academic problems and challenges. Let’s help you solve them…

Feel free to explore and access the rich academic articles and write ups we have on [MY POSTS] at the top. We promise not to let you go until we stir up your academic ‘fire’. Get ready to receive the information that will orchestrate your all-round academic transformation!

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21 Responses to Hey!

  1. Uzoma Barth says:

    You’re really doing wonders… I love your works! Bravo!!!

  2. Ikechukwu says:

    My comment is that I am having a low reading…

    • At Ikechukwu, thank God for you! At least, you know the cause of your poor performance and backwardness in academics. It’s now left for you to take the bold step in CORRECTING IT. Your success or failure as a student is in your hands!
      Good news: I could be of great help to you if you wish…

  3. Chibuzo Ebube says:

    I can’t concentrate and read for a long period of time. What should I do?

  4. Hello dear. I understand and feel your pain deeply! The truth is that I was once in your shoes until I discovered myself and broke free from it. And I guess you’ll ask me how I was able to do that?

    Not quite difficult if I should answer…
    * You need to understand that why most students lack concentration when they’re reading is because of reading distractions. Distraction is any attraction that ends up side-tracking your reading attention. They cut you off from the material you’re studying and frustrate your reading. They’re in three categories. They could be ‘external’: friends, telephone, television, noise, environment, weather etc; ‘in-between’: like the nature of the book, the language, the way the author presents it, the kind of words, the handwriting (if it’s a notebook) etc; or ‘internal’: the state of your body (weakness, tiredness, dizziness, sickness, even hunger, etc), the posture of your body, the state of your mind (anger, depression, anxiety etc), lack of proper mental cordination, and greatly, ‘your thoughts’. Most times we’re distracted by our thoughts when we read. I’ve found out that there are two persons in you whenever you are reading: one reading and one thinking. Once your thoughts begin to wonder when you’re reading, distraction sets in. You have to discover which is the cause of the distraction and deal with it.
    * You need to also understand that studying is not an easy job until you master it. For this, you must persevere until the habit becomes familiar and ‘friendly’. I always tell my clients that the test to reading and not understanding is to read again and again. Persist. Persistence will always wear out resistance.
    *Identify your ”most suitable time for studying” and focus on that particular time. Every student has a particular time that he tends to understand what is being studied better than other times. It could be in the morning, late nights, cool evenings or mid-nights. During this period, there is more concentration and less distractions because you are in the ‘mood’. Look out for this time and maximize it.
    *Aristotle said that we are what we repeatedly do and that is so true about the student. What you do often becomes a part of you. Practise more on studying repeatedly by increasing your chances of studying. Would have loved to say more but must stop for space and time.

    Work on these points I’ve raised and watch the challenge disappear. It will suddenly fizzle into the thin air if you will apply these steps.

    Looking forward to seeing your genius unleashed. Keep studying until it becomes a hubby! See you soon at the top…

  5. Uwalaka Chidera Emmanuel says:

    Chizi my dear friend and brother, well done! Your works here are very nice. More grease to your elbow…

  6. Udobata Donald says:

    Very nice and interesting.

  7. Precious Onyenobi says:

    Hello sir, I’m a student in third year. I study but fail to assimilate, and most times the bit I assimilate, I forget. What might my problem be?

  8. Ndujife Christian C. says:

    You have been my mentor in your days in the university. Now I am coming up like a genius you often told me about.
    God bless the day I met you at IMSU love garden!

  9. Okoro chiamaka says:

    Ride on sir. You are the best!

  10. I really Love Your work. I have the zeal to be like you, I have tried my best but I can’t concentrate whenever I tried to explore my Talent.
    I have written Two Inspirational Books But None Is Being Published. so I need Help and Guide.
    Reubenikeh. C

  11. Thanks for your warm compliments Reuben.

    The truth is: we all encounter set backs and obstacles on our journey to greatness. In fact, like I fondly say, they are necessarily part of the success story. We fail until we succeed! But the important factor is what we do when we face these obstacles…

    Someone said: “Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get them.” Like a friend advised: “If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got.” Winston Churchill was very right when he said that “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”
    You need to ask yourself some definite questions:

    *What is my passion?
    *What do I have to offer to my world?
    *What are the possible ways I can express my passion?
    *What do I need to do to develop and improve on myself?
    *How do I break grounds in the area of my passion?
    *When is the right time to launch out?

    It’s very good to write sir. Personally, I think that is the greatest gift you can bequit to humanity. But that you haven’t published any yet doesn’t crown you a failure. It took me some time before I published my first book… Just step out. Start somewhere. Sell out some of your stuff for free. That is healthy and profitable. No one will know what you can do until you show them.

    I will be very glad to lend you a helping hand any way I can sir.
    I see you succeeding greatly in Jesus’ name.

  12. Happiness Olachi says:

    Wow! This is so inspiring. God bless you sir for this wonderful article on Extreme Motivation. Before I started reading it, I was demoralized and at a point of giving up but now my spirit is lifted to always settle for that which is the BEST. God bless you sir.

    • Thanks Happiness!

      Endowed in each and every one of us is the ability to lend a helping hand to someone in dire need of it. We all have what it takes to change our world and affect lives deliberatively.
      Happy to know that you have been fired up again for excellence. Don’t fail to let someone else about your great discovery!

      See you at the top…



    • Sincere greetings dear. At least you still have the consciousness of reading burning inside of you. That is worth celebrating. What you now need is how to translate this consciousness to results.

      You need to know that almost every student gets discouraged at times to study, even the best brains! It was Zig Ziglar that said: “people often say that motivation doesn’t last long, neither does bathing. that’s why we recommend it daily”. You need daily inspiration in order to excel in your study life. I usually advice my students to have something (they set their minds on) that motivate to study and excel in their studies.

      Identify a major reason why you have to study, and let it serve as your personal motivation to excellence. Psychology tells us that every human action is motivated. It could be the thought of graduating as the best student in your department, making First Class, finishing with a specific CGPA, winning a particular prize by your academic achievement, etc. Determine what should motivate you from henceforth. Let it generate the needed passion to study. I have mine!

      You need self discipline also. Train yourself to learn when to say No and when to insist that the work must be done. It took me discipline to reply your comment. I have so many things competing for my time, and so it is with every student. Prioritize your time. Know when you should study and when you can play, relax, gist or hang out with friends. Define your time and moments or activities will define them for you!

      There are so many articles here where you can access powerful motivation that will keep you going like , or even

      If you need personal coaching, give me a shout and we’ll talking!

      See you soon…

  14. rashidat says:

    Good day sir, pls I need an academic coach on my research work on Economics. Pls how can you help me out?

    • Greetings my dear. I guess need a coach on research. There are a couple them online. What I do basically is academic coaching and mentoring students to achieve uncommon excellence.

      In any way I can be of help to you, I’ll gladly acquiesce.

  15. Anita Doris says:

    Good morning. Please do you give ideas on how to do assignment and write projects?

  16. You’re a genius and I’m happy to have identified with you . keep keeping because it has been ascertained far and wide that you’re wired for excellence.

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